Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post Seven

PPD4 Pitch Presentation. This i have been pretty much dreading since i found out i had to do it. The reason being that i have the habit of conducting the research, developing my idea, and some how missing out the fact i have done when it comes to my presentation.

I will reveiwing my presentation techniques and making sure that i include ALL relevant materials rather than relying on remembering them half way through my presentation. As far as i am aware my deliever is good and consistent but i lack the ability to highlight my actual work and focus on talking and talking and talking.

At the time of the presentation i will have mt showreel to display and hopefully that will showcase me abilities but i will have to make sure that i am 100% focused no the objectives and know what i am saying in relation to my research.

Post Six

Show Reel Time. I have once made a show reel at the end of my nation diploma study. I used all footage i had from the two years of training and made an edited video montage to a track i selected by the band 'Matchbox Twenty'.

This time round i have new material and products to include in my new show reel, from my new footage i will include;

WBL-Green Gym and Community Gardens

Drama-Only You

Music Videos-Waiting in the Wings & Catalyst

Documentary-Radio; What Now?

CRP4-Wasps promotional video

Televsion Studio-Directing

These additons to my already existing products will help make my show reel hopefully look and feel professional and extensive. This will call on me to use my editing skills that i have developed over a my years of media training.

Post Five

So, as the complete lack of time i have had over the past few months (featuring the horendous TV studio project) has subsequently seen my neglecting my blog. But that doesn't mean i haven't been working.

My PPD4 work and proposal have been finished and my idea is now a solid (and better) concept. I looked into veiwing figures of 'like minded' programming such as 'Wonders of the Solar System and 'Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds' and I have established that there is a demand in non-specialist channels such as BBC2 for these types of programme. So i selected BBC4 as previously mentioned, as it is a more specialist channel allowing for more in-depth discourse of scientific issues etc.

However looking at BBC's Wonder of the Solar System did give me a good idea what i want my programme to look like. This programme has brilliantly captured and beautifuly presented visual pieces featuring the presenter in exotic locations relevant to the areas of interest. I would like my programme to incorperate these visual styles and delivering the theories of the featured scientists and the same time.