Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Post Three

I’ve decided to go with a new idea. I started to feel that my original idea lacked in real content and decided to go with a fictional science fiction drama series. The idea of the programme is your cliché super hero story with a graphic novel visual style of cinematography. With influences from the likes of ‘Sin City’ visual style incorporating ‘film noir’ techniques also. The channel that this programme is initially aimed at is FX, a sister station of the Fox Network. My programmes genre fits with the style of the programmes on FX, such as ‘True Blood’ and the ‘The Wire’ both being stylistic in their approaches of story telling and visuals. I tried to commit some research into the demographic of FX and the target audience they aim for, since they don’t post such information in their webpage I’m going to look into the demographics of specific shows relating to my own in subject.