Friday, 16 April 2010

Post Four

I haven't posted anything in a while, this being down to me trying to work out where my idea is going, after varied research I have discovered that my program 'o-zone’ was not going to work.

After looking into scheduling and gaps in the programming I have decided to make a five part factual documentary series called ' The 10 men of science' this program will look at the lives and works of the most significant scientists that ever lived and their discoveries that made our world what it is today. It will have five parts, each with a guest presenter relevant to their fields for example Professor Brain Cox presenting the physics parts etc. I have researched into the best channel to pitch my program and from my research I have deliberated that BBC4 is the best from my idea.

The commissioning guidelines for science on BBC4 says,

'BBC FOUR is looking for big science ideas with real authority. The Channel has seen success with The Story of Maths, The Secret Life of Chaos and Chemistry: A Volatile History and is looking to continue to broaden its more top shelf science. Any shape is possible - as long as it's designed to make the biggest possible splash in the schedule. Series can take the form of a standard three-part piece, or perhaps a single hour around which a series of smaller satellite programmes can be scheduled. Programmes should focus on an important area of science. Subjects can come from left-field, or they can be familiar and paths might even feel well worn, but programmes should feel as if they're bringing something absolutely fresh to them - a polemic opinion on a controversial area, challenging complexity, a revelatory opinion or a surprising treatment.'

This leads me to believe i am going in the right direction in terms of pitching my idea to an appropriate channel that fits with my style.