Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post Seven

PPD4 Pitch Presentation. This i have been pretty much dreading since i found out i had to do it. The reason being that i have the habit of conducting the research, developing my idea, and some how missing out the fact i have done when it comes to my presentation.

I will reveiwing my presentation techniques and making sure that i include ALL relevant materials rather than relying on remembering them half way through my presentation. As far as i am aware my deliever is good and consistent but i lack the ability to highlight my actual work and focus on talking and talking and talking.

At the time of the presentation i will have mt showreel to display and hopefully that will showcase me abilities but i will have to make sure that i am 100% focused no the objectives and know what i am saying in relation to my research.

Post Six

Show Reel Time. I have once made a show reel at the end of my nation diploma study. I used all footage i had from the two years of training and made an edited video montage to a track i selected by the band 'Matchbox Twenty'.

This time round i have new material and products to include in my new show reel, from my new footage i will include;

WBL-Green Gym and Community Gardens

Drama-Only You

Music Videos-Waiting in the Wings & Catalyst

Documentary-Radio; What Now?

CRP4-Wasps promotional video

Televsion Studio-Directing

These additons to my already existing products will help make my show reel hopefully look and feel professional and extensive. This will call on me to use my editing skills that i have developed over a my years of media training.

Post Five

So, as the complete lack of time i have had over the past few months (featuring the horendous TV studio project) has subsequently seen my neglecting my blog. But that doesn't mean i haven't been working.

My PPD4 work and proposal have been finished and my idea is now a solid (and better) concept. I looked into veiwing figures of 'like minded' programming such as 'Wonders of the Solar System and 'Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds' and I have established that there is a demand in non-specialist channels such as BBC2 for these types of programme. So i selected BBC4 as previously mentioned, as it is a more specialist channel allowing for more in-depth discourse of scientific issues etc.

However looking at BBC's Wonder of the Solar System did give me a good idea what i want my programme to look like. This programme has brilliantly captured and beautifuly presented visual pieces featuring the presenter in exotic locations relevant to the areas of interest. I would like my programme to incorperate these visual styles and delivering the theories of the featured scientists and the same time.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Post Four

I haven't posted anything in a while, this being down to me trying to work out where my idea is going, after varied research I have discovered that my program 'o-zone’ was not going to work.

After looking into scheduling and gaps in the programming I have decided to make a five part factual documentary series called ' The 10 men of science' this program will look at the lives and works of the most significant scientists that ever lived and their discoveries that made our world what it is today. It will have five parts, each with a guest presenter relevant to their fields for example Professor Brain Cox presenting the physics parts etc. I have researched into the best channel to pitch my program and from my research I have deliberated that BBC4 is the best from my idea.

The commissioning guidelines for science on BBC4 says,

'BBC FOUR is looking for big science ideas with real authority. The Channel has seen success with The Story of Maths, The Secret Life of Chaos and Chemistry: A Volatile History and is looking to continue to broaden its more top shelf science. Any shape is possible - as long as it's designed to make the biggest possible splash in the schedule. Series can take the form of a standard three-part piece, or perhaps a single hour around which a series of smaller satellite programmes can be scheduled. Programmes should focus on an important area of science. Subjects can come from left-field, or they can be familiar and paths might even feel well worn, but programmes should feel as if they're bringing something absolutely fresh to them - a polemic opinion on a controversial area, challenging complexity, a revelatory opinion or a surprising treatment.'

This leads me to believe i am going in the right direction in terms of pitching my idea to an appropriate channel that fits with my style.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Post Three

I’ve decided to go with a new idea. I started to feel that my original idea lacked in real content and decided to go with a fictional science fiction drama series. The idea of the programme is your cliché super hero story with a graphic novel visual style of cinematography. With influences from the likes of ‘Sin City’ visual style incorporating ‘film noir’ techniques also. The channel that this programme is initially aimed at is FX, a sister station of the Fox Network. My programmes genre fits with the style of the programmes on FX, such as ‘True Blood’ and the ‘The Wire’ both being stylistic in their approaches of story telling and visuals. I tried to commit some research into the demographic of FX and the target audience they aim for, since they don’t post such information in their webpage I’m going to look into the demographics of specific shows relating to my own in subject.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Post Two

After much deliberation i decided it would be a good idea to explore areas of my own interest to find a possible programme idea. I decided on a review show based on video games, DVD & Blu-ray releases and cinema releases. I had it in my head what i would like it to have from previous examples i had seen and enjoyed. The games idea came from a web-based review series called 'Zero Punctuation' found on 'theescapist.com'. It offers a satirical review of the latest releases from an experienced gamer and reviewer. I also looked at a Charlie Brooker one off called 'gameswipe', this too had the same mix of good review, and satirical comedy. I wanted to put these elements into my programme to give it funny, but sophisticated take on video game culture. I would ideally pitch this programme idea to E4 as their audience profile fits my intended demographic for this programme.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Post One.

For PPD 4, i have been set the task of coming up with a television show, conducting the relevant research, and pitching it to a commissioning board. This for me initially seemed a simple task running along side a more academic one of audience research. We were encouraged to look for gaps in the television schedule which we thought we could offer something different.

After this i looked in the listings and tried to think of something i could create that had a unique angle and was more importantly do-able by my technical ability as i would have to produce a trailer or a scene to include in my presentation.

Over the past week i have played with various ideas trying to relate them to my interests or current affairs but have still come out without a solid idea. I will carry on looking into ideas that i can carry out effective research for but so far it's been quite a struggle.