Friday, 26 February 2010

Post Two

After much deliberation i decided it would be a good idea to explore areas of my own interest to find a possible programme idea. I decided on a review show based on video games, DVD & Blu-ray releases and cinema releases. I had it in my head what i would like it to have from previous examples i had seen and enjoyed. The games idea came from a web-based review series called 'Zero Punctuation' found on ''. It offers a satirical review of the latest releases from an experienced gamer and reviewer. I also looked at a Charlie Brooker one off called 'gameswipe', this too had the same mix of good review, and satirical comedy. I wanted to put these elements into my programme to give it funny, but sophisticated take on video game culture. I would ideally pitch this programme idea to E4 as their audience profile fits my intended demographic for this programme.

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