Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post Five

So, as the complete lack of time i have had over the past few months (featuring the horendous TV studio project) has subsequently seen my neglecting my blog. But that doesn't mean i haven't been working.

My PPD4 work and proposal have been finished and my idea is now a solid (and better) concept. I looked into veiwing figures of 'like minded' programming such as 'Wonders of the Solar System and 'Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds' and I have established that there is a demand in non-specialist channels such as BBC2 for these types of programme. So i selected BBC4 as previously mentioned, as it is a more specialist channel allowing for more in-depth discourse of scientific issues etc.

However looking at BBC's Wonder of the Solar System did give me a good idea what i want my programme to look like. This programme has brilliantly captured and beautifuly presented visual pieces featuring the presenter in exotic locations relevant to the areas of interest. I would like my programme to incorperate these visual styles and delivering the theories of the featured scientists and the same time.

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