Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post Six

Show Reel Time. I have once made a show reel at the end of my nation diploma study. I used all footage i had from the two years of training and made an edited video montage to a track i selected by the band 'Matchbox Twenty'.

This time round i have new material and products to include in my new show reel, from my new footage i will include;

WBL-Green Gym and Community Gardens

Drama-Only You

Music Videos-Waiting in the Wings & Catalyst

Documentary-Radio; What Now?

CRP4-Wasps promotional video

Televsion Studio-Directing

These additons to my already existing products will help make my show reel hopefully look and feel professional and extensive. This will call on me to use my editing skills that i have developed over a my years of media training.

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